Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is summer here yet? : Tobermory Photographer

As the sun continues to teases us this week and the warmer air keeps getting a little warmer each day I know my husband is gearing up for an awesome second summer of scuba diving. He's taken to scuba like a fish to water and is loving it. More trips to Tobermory ahead... probably Kingston and possibly Halifax if our schedules will allow for it.

Tobermory, ON

We headed to Tobermory for Jamie's last couple of dives for the 2009 season on the Thanksgiving long weekend. It was pretty nice heading out and at the first dive spot but by the second it was freakin' cold, windy and rocky! The Maritimer in my was doing good though but I was still pretty happy to set my two feet firmly on land when we got back.

And no I haven't tried scuba diving yet... I'm not ruling it out but just not feeling as excited about the idea of so much water over my head.

What about you? Are you or someone you know a scuba diver? Any recommendations on great dive spots, ship wrecks we should check out this summer?